I bow-hunt PubMeds for breakfast.
I bow-hunt PubMeds for breakfast.

I have no idea if or when any of those concerned will see this, but at least it will be here if any of those posters I respect find themselves wondering why they haven't seen me for a while.

I should probably have jumped ship when Jenna left Jezebel, my friendship with her being the reason I was there in the first place, but I stuck around for the people I liked on groupthink, and because it was good for me to be exposed to often silly but mostly different opinions and philosophies. GT certainly settled for me the fact that I wouldn't willingly call myself a feminist given the weight of bullshit the term carries with it despite protestations of being a simple belief in equality. Part of that is perhaps the undefined nature of that equality, equality of opportunity? Equality of outcome? Anyway that's not important here.


Since I have now been banned for false reason from GT and no known reason from Jezebel there is now no easy way for me to interact with those posters I retain affection and/or respect for, so this is my goodbye and hopefully they will see it in their private feeds, or wonder why I haven't been about and look at my kinja. I might still see you around on Lifehacker or Gizmodo, but if not - so long have good life.

ETA For anyone using any of my userstyles to make kinja tolerable, they will remain available, but will not be receiving updates as kinja changes break them. The code is all CC0 public domain so anyone can fork it.

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